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Poiema exists to equip both students and creative professionals to cultivate the life of the mind, seek the common good, and apprehend truth, goodness, and beauty. To that end, we provide live, online courses and quality publications that explore the intersection of faith, culture, and creativity.

Our name, Poiema, is derived from the Greek word meaning “things that are made,” and shares a root with our English word, poetry.

Poiema is the word St. Paul used when he wrote to the Ephesian Christians reminding them they were God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus.

In other words, because of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, our lives can be, in effect, living works of art.

This implies we humans of faith are not called to stand apart from culture or to stand over against it. Rather, we are really sub-creators, called to live well-crafted lives, creating culture by creating things which are true, good, and beautiful (i.e., art, business, poetry, etc.).

Poiema Academy

(for 7th-12th grades)

Poiema Academy is an exclusive online liberal arts high school program designed to assist parents in fulfilling their biblical mandate.

Poiema Academy is distinctively Christian and classical. In order to prepare students to live a life characterized by wisdom and eloquence, we utilize the Paideia model of reading the great books accompanied by rigorous writing and socratic dialogue with an experienced scholar.

Only 20 hand-selected applicants (aged 12-13 years old) are admitted each year to complete a six-year, spiritually and intellectually robust course of study that prepares the student for not only further academic or vocational study, but also for civic life as a Christian citizen.

Learn more about the Academy.

Poiema Institute

(for adults/creative professionals)

As the saying goes, “readers are leaders.”

As is often the case with teachers, creative professionals, and Christian parents of classically-trained students, many adults come to realize later in life that they have missed out on the kind of education that would have better prepared them to be effective leaders or culture makers in their vocation.

It’s never too late to get a liberal arts education, which is essentially learning the art of thinking and communicating well.

By learning these skills from the greatest minds of the past 2500 years, modern creative professionals will stand out as unique and talented in their respective fields.

Teachers and parents will be better suited to engage with their students in the great conversation.

See what experts like Steve Jobs and Mark Cuban have said about this kind of education.

At Poiema, you will be learning directly from the poets and philosophers of the Western tradition under the guidance of a qualified tutor.

While it’s true, strictly speaking, even the best teachers cannot produce knowledge and wisdom in a student, they can, as Socrates asserted, act as midwives to those students who are ready to give birth to their education.

Our online courses allow creative professionals who are ready to give birth (e.g., they desire to learn) every opportunity to cultivate wisdom and eloquence in the skills of interpretation, communication, and motivation directly from the minds of those who have, in the most literal sense, shaped our Western civilization.

Learn more about our courses.

Poiema Press

(publishing house for books on human flourishing)

[Our publishing house is still forthcoming and under contruction]

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