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Finding Meaning in Literature

In chapter two of Christianity and Literature, Jeffrey and Maillet lament, “Many literary majors…graduate without any clear sense of whether literary theory enables them to find…any truth, goodness, beauty or even any meaning in literature.” In response to this dismal… Continue Reading →

Untethered τέχνη

[su_frame class=”guest”][/su_frame]By James Chaisson The polls tell us that we as a collective whole are becoming less religious and less concerned about sacred and holy things, at least in the Western world. At the same time we are becoming more… Continue Reading →

Patriotism or Peace? Thomas Merton and the Catholic Church’s Pilgrimage to Pacem in Terris

[su_frame class=”guest”][/su_frame]By John Gillespie, M.Ed., MLA In August, 1945, as the atomic fallout was settling over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the American President Harry Truman announced to a victorious nation: “We thank God that it [the atomic bomb] has come to… Continue Reading →

An Existential Evaluation

If you have ever wondered why you exist, or if you had a purpose in the world—if there was a place in this complex universe designed specifically for you—congratulations! You’re human. Wondering about the meaning of life, and about your… Continue Reading →

Groping For God: How the Greeks Anticipated the Coming of Christ

[su_frame class=”guest”][/su_frame]By James Chaisson In the gospel of John, we read about some Greeks who come to Philip and ask to see Jesus. Rumors and news about Christ have been circulating and these men are longing to make his acquaintance…. Continue Reading →

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