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On Speaking Well

  by Christine Norvell In recent years, speaking well has become an educational ideal for graduates at many institutions. Able speakers can convey their thoughts and intents with both ease and confidence. Isocrates, the pre-socratic rhetorician, terms it “assurance.” Unfortunately, courses in rhetoric and speech aren’t always required, and a number of graduates would find it […]

Patriotism or Peace? Part 5 (Finale)

Ut Omnes Unum Sint When seventy-seven-year-old Angelo Roncalli, formerly the Patriarch of Venice, was elected pope in 1958, he raised eyebrows among this electors who must have startled at this choice of names: Vocobar Johannes – “I will be called John.” The last pope to use that name had been an imposter, an antipope, and […]

Patriotism or Peace? Part 4

Beati Pacifici The Roman Catholic position, as articulated by CAIP, John Courtney Murray, and (at least to Murray’s satisfaction), the pope, supported the use of nuclear weapons so long as they were employed within the strictures of the Just War Theory, and were ostensibly “limited” in their destructive capacity. Not everyone felt this way. Minority […]

Patriotism or Peace? Part 3

Ecclesia Militans Inclusion in the new consensus was predicated upon being a committed cold warrior. Both the United States and the Soviet Union spend billions on the development of nuclear weapons. Americans constructed bomb shelters in the backyards in preparation for the coming nuclear Armageddon. To suggest that a peaceful solution to the deepening conflict […]

Patriotism or Peace? Part 2

Pro Deo et Patria The atomic bomb changed everything. Not only did it bring the war in the Pacific to decisive end, but in doing so, had also signaled to the Soviet Union that the United States was not power with which to trifle. With the global realignment into the democratic and capitalist oriented West […]