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Groping For God: How the Greeks Anticipated the Coming of Christ

By James Chaisson In the gospel of John, we read about some Greeks who come to Philip and ask to see Jesus. Rumors and news about Christ have been circulating and these men are longing to make his acquaintance. The text says: “Now among those who went up to worship at the feast were some […]

Dante’s Dalliance with the History of Language

by Christine Norvell As a scholar and writer, Dante Alighieri intentionally published a number of works in everyday Italian. Though this was most unusual for medieval writers who favored Latin, he felt this commonality of language would broaden his audience and perhaps strengthen the superiority of the Italian language. He may have had an ulterior […]

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The Madman’s Search for Beauty

by Zak Schmoll How do we reason our way to that which is beautiful? Reason is a powerful tool when put in the right hands, but it can be twisted and abused to answer questions that it was never meant to answer. It can be the metaphorical hammer trying to drive in a screw; it […]

The Truth About Poiema

In the age of the internet and social media, writers can be like bad cliches—a dime-a-dozen—and redundant too. Online writing courses are nearly as ubiquitous. So why pour another glass of water into a swollen ocean? Hi. My name is Scott Postma, and I am the founder of Poiema, an institute for faith, culture, and […]