Institute for faith, culture, and creativity

An Institute for Faith, Culture, and Creativity

Poiema exists to equip students and creative professionals to cultivate the life of the mind, to seek the common good of all human beings, and to apprehend and appreciate goodness, truth, and beauty.

To that end, we provide live, online classical liberal arts courses for students and adults, and a platform for meaningful public discourse.

About Poiema

As an institute for faith, culture and creativity, Poiema strives to equip Christians to seek the common good by providing quality publications, as well as excellent and affordable online classical and Christian liberal arts education in a variety of contexts for both students and adults.

Our name, Poiema, is derived from the Greek word meaning "things that are made," and it shares the same root from which we get our English word, poetry.

Poiema is also the word the Apostle Paul used when he wrote to the Ephesian Christians saying that they were God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus.

In other words, because Christ was sent to redeem humanity, our lives are God's magnum opus. We are to be, in effect, living works of art.

This implies we are not called to stand apart from culture, neither are we called to necessarily stand over against it.

Rather, as we acknowledge Christ's lordship over all of life and creation, we are sub-creators, making culture by making things which are true, good, and beautiful (i.e., art, business, poetry, etc.).

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Classical Christian Education

The Poiema Academy is a unique, six-year course of rigorous classical Christian study for exceptional students entering the 7th grade. Learn more by clicking the icon.



Curriculum and Publications

Soon, Poiema will provide publications and curriculum that propagate Christian humanism, as well as writing services for creative professionals seeking truth, goodness, and beauty.



Blog Posts and Academic Articles

Discover delightful and enlightening articles from Christian humanists: educators, leaders, and creative professionals. Also, subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss a thing.



Continuing Education for Adults

Courses of study in the liberal arts and humanities for adults: teachers, creative professionals, and parents of classically educated students.